The Adventures of Slim Pickin's

Attack of the River Pirates

In which our heroes attempt to return with gold, but get attacked by River Pirates.

Deep in the night, the crew awakened to a rather frantic Sarl, bursting into their master suite.

“We been compromised! Loudmouth bartender, Randy Braethenstore, spilled to some locals ‘bout the gold. River pirates’ll be on us within the hour. We best git if y’all know what’s good fer ya.”

Groggily, Keira, Percival, and Edgaar dressed and readied themselves, going to the next room and alerting Valenae. She looked at the empty bed beside her, still warm from her companion for the night, and gave a wistful sigh. Once prepared for the day, the band of warriors slipped through One Eyed Jacks without confrontation, and made their way down to the lower, hidden dock, where their boat and gold awaited untouched.

As they boarded, a faint rattle came from the gated entrance. Valenae approached cautiously to find the Eladrin escort from the night prior, though her garb was much different than it was then. She was dressed as an adventurer might, her outfit cobbled together from many of her past clients, stealing a tunic here, and boots there.

She introduced herself as Elora Songwood, and pleaded with them (though she only looked to Valenae) to take her with them, freeing her.

She spoke plainly to them, in a hushed voice, "I am bound to this place through some form of magics. I was once an assassin of such skill, that I became legendary in the city of Mithrendain and throughout the Feywild. This eventually became my downfall. I drew close to my targets through seduction, allowing their guard to fall before I completed the deed. The Shadowfire guild of assassins, saw no use for me once my notoriety rose. They thought of me only as a pretty face, but now that that face was known, I could not approach a target without arousing suspicion. I was torn out of the feywild, and sold into the service of Mafalda Straddelmore, the lady of One Eyed Jack’s. And now I am once again, just a pretty face, though I yearn for more.

Elora explained that under normal circumstances she cannot leave the property for fear that the curse would surely kill her, but she may have found a loophole. A few weeks ago, when with one of her regulars, she was taken out on the river for a romantic boat ride. They went down river, passing well beyond the property line and she remained intact and unharmed. She realized that this must be due to the fact that she was no longer Mafalda’s or One Eyed Jack’s property, because for this night she belonged to the client.

Still on the clock with Valenae, Elora could leave this place forever, if Valenae and the others cooperate. They agree to bring her along for the time being, and she promises to aid them in whatever ways she is able.

Slim Pickin’s, accompanied by Elora are lead back upriver by Rivermaster Sarl, making it past the property line with no ill effect. They traveled on for half an hour quite peaceably, before hearing a thunderous crack not far ahead. A large tree came crashing down, blocking passage onward. Out of the forest walked an incredibly rough-looking bearded man, holding a large cutlass above his head.

“River Pirates!” yelled Sarl from the back of the boat.

Loud motors roar behind them as three small boats with more pirates aboard pull up behind them. A bloody encounter errupted, nearly costing Edgaar his life. Soon after the first shots were taken, the Pirate Captain, walked out on the fallen tree, setting a fine mesh net from bank to bank, straining the entire river. Slim Pickin’s started to pick off the captain’s crew, when one of them raised a small cannon from the belly of their boat, and fired at the lot of them, blowing Sarl’s boat clean out of the water, knocking Slim Pickin’s et al into the water.

The battle raged on, casualties taken on both sides, with Edgaar being knocked unconscious. Fortunately, Valenae had made it to dry land and was able to revive him. He stood, coughing out water and slayed the remaining crew member, all the while, Percival took on the Pirate Captain by himself.

In an attempt to clear away the tree and perhaps do some damage to the captain, Keira took aim with the now abandoned cannon, then confidently posed next to it as the fuse burned and the cannon’s barrel slowly started to drift downward before it blew his own boat to pieces, throwing her back in to the water.

They soon bested the River Pirate Captain, and turned to dredging the river floor and pulling up the net to find their gear and gold, as well as a cannon (with three shots but no gunpowder). They took the two remaining pirate boats and continued up river to the Hydra company’s camp just off the bank of the river.

Maulder Haulder was there to greet them, standing near the river, waving a white hanky dramatically high above his head to flag them down. He guided the group to Kamren’s tent, and they were able to settle their debts with him and Sarl before enjoying the rest of the afternoon, and resting for the evening.



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