The Adventures of Slim Pickin's

The Barrow of the Ogre King

In which our heroes attempt to prove themselves.

Our fellow adventurers met up once again with Sunsteen and Curuvar to go over some last minute details. When they did, Sunsteen chastised the group for brazenly parading a Dragonborn around the town. The word got out and the patrols have increased three fold. Getting out of the city would be quite the challenge.

As this sunk in, Curuvar offered the group a map of the Barrow of the Ogre King, a crude rendering drawn from memory. They passed it around, but once Nyx took a hold of it she let out a firey sneeze and burned it to ashes. With an already auspicous start, the members of Slim Pickin’s decided to wait for nightfall to begin their journey.

Whilst darkness fell, our “heroes” plotted and planned how best to escape the city. Keira scouted ahead, checking out all the exits, finding that both the eastern and western gates were heavily watched, but that the hole in the wall they had entered the city through was only being guarded by two men, and one was nearly asleep. After trying to decide how to distract them (though it was brought up, they opted out of lighting a building on fire), and settled on using Youtherr to cause a ruckus.

Luring him with the promise of booze, Keira was able to get him to pick a fight with a patroling guard, allowing her and the others to make their way back to the gap in the wall. A single guard remained, but he had finally fallen asleep. The group slunk past him, with Edgaar trailing behind. They nearly made it scot free, but Edgaar slipped a bit on the rubble and woke him. They made a mad dash before he could make out who or what they were, but it was a close call indeed.

In the cover of night, they made it safely to the Barrow of the Ogre King, though in a continuation of bad luck fell through a trap right in to the clutches of several Goblins (including the Hexer from their last encounter). The group fought bravely, but were outmatched and became bloodied in no time. Edgaar fell through another trap in to a pit of wild dogs, Nyx stayed to the back popping off shots when able, and Keira was eventually knocked unconscious. Through some miracle, they were able to best them, and take a short rest.

They took a look around the room, being careful to avoid any potential traps, eventually ending up at a raised platform at the end of the room. Nyx could feel an energy eminating from it, so without hesitation, she hopped on Edgaar’s shoulders and they stepped through the portal. They were transported to a silvery dimension for a moment before randomly shifting back. It wasn’t terribly exciting.

They continued forward through the dungeon in to a seemingly abandoned hallway, but were met with Zombies and more Goblins. Edgaar pushed the Goblin down the stairs, Nyx took out several of the zombies in a single shot that radiated through them in a chaotic fashion, and Keria finished the others off with fancy flips and ease.

They were able to take in their surroundings after easily besting them, and came across a dirt covered something or other. After a bit of scraping and pawing the muck away, they saw a sculpture of a gigantic ogre.



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