The Adventures of Slim Pickin's

The Origin

In which our heroes fumble through their first adventure.

Slim Pickin’s is a band of thieves, crooks, and mercenaries, known for doing what is most self serving at the moment and always looking to pocket a bit more gold and drink a bit more grog with as little work as possible. Most of the gang met each other in the town of Luskan, commonly looked upon as the asshole of the Forgotten Realms. It was once a thriving port anchoring the northern end Trade Way, but decades of social unrest and rampant crime have left it largely abandoned. Now Luskan is the exclusive territory of rival street gangs, monsters, and vermin. A middle-class citizen of Luskan would be a beggar in any other city of the North.
Slim Pickin’s is currently composed of the following members:

Percival Grencloak, a human Warlord (played by Mikey)
Keira, an Elven Rogue (Played by Eric)
Valenae, an Eladrin Cleric (Played by Courtenay)
Edgaar Steelteeth, a Dragonborn Fighter (Played by Jerry)

A letter addressed to the town’s far more successful thieves guild and your archrivals, The Crimson Hellfire, was accidentally picked up by Keira during an attempt to help rid the messenger of any spare change he might have on him. The letter read as follows:

To the guild of the Crimson Hellfire,

I regret that it has come to this point, but I know of no one else to turn to. The once peaceful town of Loudwater has become a military state where one can not so much as take a piss without guards breathing down your neck. They focus more on enforcing taxes and fees of their own creation, than protecting their people, ignoring the goblin problem entirely.

The root of the problem is Lady Moonfire, our town’s newly appointed leader. She has taken charge since her husband’s passing, Gods bless his soul, and in doing so has clamped an iron fist over our town.

I look to you in our hour of need; come to our town and help us to form a rebellion against our unjust ruler. Come and help us to turn the tide against the blight that Lady Moonfire has brought.

Sunsteen Urbeth

The rag tag group decided to take the job to piss off the Crimson Hellfire, but more so for the promise of much more coin to come. Getting out of Luskan proved to be difficult, as rival gangs had destroyed the bridges heading outward in an attempt to toll any looking to leave or enter, and the river itself was far more treacherous and foul. The group instead braved the sewers, working their way through the underground tunnels out of the way of overhead bandits and thieves. During their escape, they ran in to a nest of rats, several that were the size of a large cat, and even more so that had swarmed together, their tails entangling as they writhed and lashed out. The adventurers of Slim Pickin’s dispensed of them with great ease and continued on their journey otherwise unbothered.

They reached the western gate of Loudwater, that was closed and unmanned upon arrival. After debating how to enter, Keira heard a scuffle coming from the south. She stealthily edged around the city’s wall, only to see a goblin running as fast as it could in to the woods, holding a strange horn totem over his head. As she got closer, she found a large hole in the wall and over a dozen goblins terrorizing the villagers and quickly motioned for the rest of her party to join her. The group rushed in to battle, easily dispensing of several of the goblins. The goblins quickly grew anxious and started to scatter, most running back through the wall and in to the forest. Most that ran met their end at Edgaar’s longsword, and the others were picked off by Keira and Valanae as Percival called the shots.

After the battle was over, one of the townspeople called to them to rush in to Garwan’s Curiosities. The group follows quickly and he introduced himself as Sunsteen Urbeth, the man who had written the letter. He’s a balding man in his early thirties, who is in excellent shape except for his right leg, which is withered and shrunken and he uses a cane to compensate. He greeted the group excitedly “You must be of the Crimson Hellfire Guild. Which of you is Heston?”
The group stammered for a bit, and Keira nudged Edgaar forward until he stated “I am Heston.”

Sunsteen seemed confused, looking up at Edgaar, “Hmmm… you are different than I I have heard. No matter I suppose. We should talk to Curuvar before we continue. He truly is the man behind our unborn revolution.”
The group pushed to learn more about Curuvar, and Sunsteen happily explained, “Curuvar the Brazen. Owner of this shop, but more importantly perhaps the only person that could help us in over throwing Lady Moonfire. I had assumed he would be here, but if he is not here, he is most assuredly at the Green Tankard Tavern.”

The group went across the south square and in to the Green Tankard Tavern to find it completely abandoned (due to the previous battle), except for a tall bearded man sitting at the bar with his back to them, not bothering to turn to greet them. Edgaar stepped behind the bar and poured himself a drink, and the old wizard raises his glass and gives a slight nod. Keira and Valenae settle in nearby and strike up a conversation with him. It is Curuvar, a curt and cantankerous old wizard who only talks to them when he needs to. Over the course of the conversation, he opens up a bit “I heard the ruckus, but didn’t want to spill my drink. I s’pose you handled it all right. Though those goblins were nothin’ compared to what’s in the barrow or even in Loudwater itself.”

“So you want to help our little revolution?” Curuvar continued, “First you have to gain the trust of the people, and I have to say I don’t trust you. Tell you what. Goblins are a dull race, but the barrow’s overrun with ‘em. You dispense of ’em and bring me back the horn totem they ran off with, I reckon that’d prove yerselves.”
Towards the end of the conversation, he turned to Edgaar in particular, “You. What’s yer name?”

Edgaar answered without thinking, “Edgaar.”

Sunsteen stepped forward suspicious, “You said you were Heston. What’s going on here?”

Edgaar stumbled for a moment thinking, before making a bluff, “I go by many names. Edgaar is one of a great deal.” Sunsteen backed off, his suspicions slightly assuaged.

Edgaar soon realized that Curuvar was referring to the fact that he was Dragonborn, something that Lady Moonfire and her guards were not fond of, and many of the townspeople themselves were a bit prejudiced against them as a result.

Being somewhat late in the evening, and having had a long day, the group spent the night in the back end of the Green Tankard Tavern’s living quarters. The following morning they set out exploring the town. Edgaar and the others went to the Loudwater Smithy, greeted by the clank of metal on metal the hiss of steam, and the roar of flames. Inside they met Megana Nistral a very large human female as broad as a dwarf, but towering over everyone except for Edgaar. As soon as she laid eyes on him, she took a liking. The group discussed new weapons and armor, but Megana payed attention to almost no one but Edgaar, taking every chance she could to fill the conversation with flirtations and innuendo (including complimenting the size of his sword). She said that she could fashion him a heavy shield to replace his current battered one, and perhaps they could work out a discount over drinks. Keira jumped in saying that sounds great, to which Megana rolled her eyes before accepting.

The party walked over to the Tavern and settled in. Megana came back to the table with two tall mugs of beer and placed them both in front of Edgaar. Keira eventually got the hint and went to play darts in the corner. Her first dart hit towards the outside of the board and was met with a scoff from a smelly homeless looking fellow sitting at the bar. Keira then tried to outdo herself, pulling a dagger out and throwing just outside the bullseye. The smelly man turns, somewhat impressed and throws a dart without even standing, hitting just outside of Keira’s, before asking if she’d like to place a wager on it.

She agrees, to have a challenge best two of three, closest to the center for five gold. The smelly man won a round, and then they tied. Giving a smile, Keira convinces him to go winner takes all for the final shot. She beats him, if only marginally and the crowd that has formed around them erupts in to cheers and back patting, as the smelly fellow starts to quickly walk towards the exit. Keira catches him and asks for his gold, which he gives though it causes him great discomfort. Keira buys him a beer and chats him up a bit.



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