Edgaar Steelteeth

Dragonborn Fighter, and member of Slim Pickins


Edgaar Steelteeth is a warrior without equal, both in fighting ability and ferocity. The flash of his scarred, golden scales and the crack of his thunder breath are said to be the last sensations his enemies feel before they fall. He is the only surviving member of Clan Gnesh, renowned for their prowess and cunning in battle.

Edgaar spent his childhood in a small village outlying the borders of the kingdom of Gasthirn, who recruited members of the clan as personal protection squad for the king, known as The Guardians. The Guardians were a force both feared and respected, and their reputation as juggernauts on the battlefield spread throughout the land. Days before his indoctrination into the Guardians, Edgaar’s village was set upon by an unholy force, a wave of energy and darkness that destroyed everything and left none alive, save Edgaar, who had been out training in the nearby woods and witnessed the event upon returning.

Devastated by the loss of his village and clan, Edgaar vowed to find the magic force and kill the one who summoned it. Grabbing basic supplies and weapons, he set out to track down the evil magic. For days and days Edgaar traversed the countryside, stopping not for rest or food, but only to question locals as to whether they had seen the wave of darkness. Days turned to weeks, and Edgaar was unable to turn up any leads. Hopelessness and despair set in. Edgaar turned to drinking, mourning the loss of his clan and his inability to avenge them.

While drowning his grief in ale at a seedy tavern, Edgaar overheard mercenaries conversing over their recent job working for a mage named “Madglebor”. The mercenaries describe how the mage was able to summon the forces of darkness about him, conjuring a wave of pure evil that killed whoever came in contact with in. The mercenaries laughed heartily, recalling how the mage had set upon a town with his wave of darkness, and how the villagers tried to flee, only to meet the blades of the hired thugs. Edgaar could not stand to hear anymore. With a roar, Edgaar drew his sword and savagely began to obliverate the mercenaries, spraying blood and human flesh all over the tavern. Leaving one merc alive, Edgaar leveled his sword at the man’s throat and growled one question:
“Where’s the mage?”
Edgaar leaned on his sword, and the point where it met the mercenarie’s throat began to bleed.
“L-llluskan” responed the merc.
With that, Edgaar drove his sword the rest of the way in, pausing for a moment to listen as blood and air gurgled into the air. Then, all was silent. Edgaar grabbed his gear and headed for Luskan.

Edgaar Steelteeth

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