Kierra Mystseeker

Unpredictable Elven Rogue


Kierra Mystseeker is a young Elven rogue mercenary who prefers arrows, shuriken, and daggers over most social interaction. Kierra has adopted a kind of “Ready, Fire, Aim” strategy where she largely relies on luck to to carry her toward her next reward. As an unaligned, nonchalant chaotic-neutral/good renegade, Kierra is willing to drift just about anywhere as long it’s more exciting than here.


Kierra first encountered the then forming band of misfits later to be known as “Slim Pickin’s” in the port of Luskin when she was caught attempting to appropriate the group’s meager booty while mind-numbingly inebriated. In fact, Kierra will occasionally suggest that she herself coined the name “Slim Pickin’s,” as they were the last words to leave her drunken mouth before Edgaar Steelteeth viciously punched her in the face that very night. This bit of history is often disputed, however, along with whether Kierra was knocked unconscious from Edgaar’s haymaker or simply from the incredulous amounts of liquor she ingested earlier. Regardless, the following morning brought proper introductions – as well as an incredible headache – wherein Kierra enlisted as a full-fledged member of the fledgling team, despite how to this day no one seems to remember giving her any kind of invitation and/or permission to do so.

Kierra does little to reveal any kind of personal history with the group. Her sparse contributions toward casual conversation tend only to be quick, yet usually hilarious anecdotes where whether or not they have any factual basis is nearly indiscernible. However, this much is apparent; she is familiar – and sometimes even friendly – with a fair part of the sailors, scallywags, and scoundrels of Luskin as well as other ports along the Sword Coast, and has effectively operated as a thief or bandit in some form or another for the majority of her life.

During one particular hour of careful campsite chitchat, Valenae of Shinaelestra was once able to coax out a simple summary of Kierra’s earlier years. She spoke concisely about the Elven tribes of her native forest, her average parents and average youth, and her decision one day to simply leave that life behind. It became quickly became apparent that Kierra’s aversion toward her native lands was quite unlike longing or homesickness, but seemed instead to resemble a kind of melancholy pity. She ended with saying she felt sorry for anyone that would consign themselves to such an obstinately quiet life. Kierra has since seen little reason to elaborate further.

Kierra Mystseeker

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