Percival Grencloak

Percival Grencloak is a human Warlord.


Young Percival Grencloak was born to the affluent House of Grencloak in the town of Everlund. He was the fourth of seven children born to Lord and Lady Grencloak. Lord Grencloak was a tyrannical alcoholic scumbag, and relished his ability to beat and abuse his family, especially young Percival. After years of regular beatings from his father, and a mother in denial, Percival decided to run away. For months he planned his escape, and decided to begin his quest for freedom on the eve of his seventeenth birthday. Unfortunately, Percival was kidnapped and thrust into servitude of the evil famous warlord, Elmorn Steelsong the Bloodied.

After years of preparing meals for Elmorn Steelsong and learning many warlordy skills, Percival’s fate quickly changed. The Warlord’s saucy daughter, Arion, plotted a diabolical scheme to rob Percival of this innocence. She lured him to her quarters and attempted to seduce him. Little did they know, they were being watched by the Captain of Steelsong’s Guard. Elmorn Steelsong was very protective of his daughter. When he heard about the incident, he promptly ordered the castration of Pervical, which was carried out immediately.

After several years has passed, Percival earned the trust of Elmorn Steelsong. He used this to his advantage and eventually assassinated him and left. It was not long after his escape that he bumped into a rag tag group of thieves and curmudgeons that soon came to be known as Slim Pickens…

Percival Grencloak

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