Valenae of Shinaelestra

She's full of secrets


Valenae is an Eladrin Cleric in the serivce of the Raven Queen. She is aged at 127 years and has some phsyical characterisitcs completely unheard of among the Eladrin people: black hair and dark purple eyes. She also bears a tattoo written in a strange lanuage that lassoes around her shoulders, across her chest and back. She is graceful, introspective, and full of secrets. Not surprisingly, her ferocious devotion to the Raven Queen has mysterious roots. She has said little of her divine origins to anyone. It is known by a few that she was somehow intiated into her goddess’s faith while alone in an abandoned temple somewhere near an elven-kept forest. She wears a cloak made of flags taken from that temple which bear the sign of the Raven Queen. This cloak seems to be her means for focusing her divine gifts. Valenae became a healer shortly after the death of her first and only love, a half-elf ranger named Norendithas, who was slain by a powerful lich.

Valenae2 Valenae comes from the Eladrin city of Shinaelestra, known as the “fading city.” She does not speak much of her homeland, though it does seem to stir up a deep-seated sorrow in her composure if it is ever brought up. She retains the custom of her people to give a small, natural gift to someone as an outward sign of respect and trust. This custom, paired with Valenae’s valiance, are the only marked signs of her home city. Any familiar with Shinaelestra would know that its inhabitants are, by necessity, hearty warriors in a perpetual battle against the Fomorian giants of the Underdark who seek fey flesh and an entrance to the natural world. Fomorians enjoy keeping gnomes as their slaves—the origin behind Valenae’s affection for Gnomekind.

“I believe it is my purpose to help others to die. Sometimes that means to comfort them as they face death—other times it means running my blade through them. And sometimes, it means to give them healing.. And even as I heal others, so I give of my own life, and so I help myself to die.” As suggested, Valenae’s stance on healing is that it is only made possible through the existence of death. In keeping with the Raven Queen’s creed, she will not heal those that she perceives to be arrogantly trying to escape their fate.

Valenae of Shinaelestra

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